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Enables any gasoline or diesel engine to run on natural gas, hydrogen or propane plus switch back to gasoline anytime!

more information: bernaledwin@yahoo.com


and enablement software/hardware
for gasoline & diesel engines

6 Clean and Renewable Fuel Options For Your Fossil Gasoline or Diesel Fuel Engines with JiffyGas™ Enablement Software/Hardware/Implementation Services:

1. Natural Gas / CNG / GNC / Compressed Natural Gas / Methane
2. Propane / LPG / Liquefied Propane Gas / GPL / LP Gas / Autogas
3. Hydrogen / H / Hydrogen Gas
4. Natural Gas / LNG / Liquefied Natural Gas
5. HCNG / Hydrogen blended enriched CNG / Hydrogen with Natural Gas
6. Diesel blended and enriched with Natural Gas or Propane or Hydrogen Gas

JiffyGas service includes conversion, tuning, testing and aftercare maintenance

Converts fossil fuel engines, motors & gensets to hydrogen gas

JiffyGas utilizes software/hardware technologies which enables CNG, LPG or H gas to power gasoline or diesel engines or gensets anywhere.

Our process, software and technology for gasoline engines does not tamper with the existing emissions controls systems or an OEM equipment but does enable the internal combustion engine to burn CNG, LPG or H which is, of course, cleaner and lower cost than gasoline.

Specifically, we use an electronic control system installed parallel to the original gasoline injection system without tampering with OEM equipment at all.

FREE financial incentives to pay for your CNG systems from both the Federal and state governments. For specific state details, please see details at: http://www.dsireusa.org and here is an outline of some of the Federal free funding for you:

Business Energy Tax Credit
$500 per 0.5 kW for fuel cells.

Renewable Energy Production Incentive (REPI)
1.5¢/kWh (in 1993 dollars, indexed for inflation)

Residential Solar and Fuel Cell Tax Credit
$500 per 0.5 kW for fuel cells.

Qualified Alternative Fuel Motor Vehicle (QAFMV) Tax Credit
A tax credit is available toward the purchase of QAFMVs, which may be either new, original equipment manufacturer vehicles or vehicles that have been repowered by an aftermarket conversion company to operate on an alternative fuel. Qualifying alternative fuels are those powered by natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, CNG, and fuel containing at least 85% methanol.

Fuel Cell Motor Vehicle Tax Credit
A tax credit of up to $8,000.

Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Tax Credit
A tax credit is available for up to 30% of the cost of installing alternative fueling equipment, not to exceed $30,000.

Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System (MACRS) + Bonus Depreciation
The federal Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct 2005) classified fuel cells, microturbines and solar hybrid lighting technologies as five-year property as well. The federal Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, enacted in February 2008, included a 50% bonus depreciation provision for eligible renewable-energy systems.

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